January, 2017

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Now that Mary has really retired, I have taken down her business pages.  I will use the space for my own projects.  One such project will be finishing up the Atascosa Log Books.  Another will be finding a new owner for the URL:  http://mindbodytherapy.com .  Perhaps I will combine that chore with the need to sell my Early Model Ford Bronco.  That way, if you buy the Bronco, (or 'find' a buyer), I will throw in the URL.

Marvin has some other projects which you may find interesting.

Summit Log Books for Atascosa Peak.  1997 to Present.

Summit Log Books for Mount Baboquivari.  1957 to Present.

January, 2017, sales promotion pictures of this 1969 Early Model Ford Bronco.





Marvin G. Stafford




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