January, 2017

About Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Mary has retired from her counseling business, by now, but her favorite modality, Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT), still has merit.


It is the best solution for war veterans with Post Traumatic Stress.  (This is also called PTSD, but it is not a Disorder.)  Mary tried in vain to get the Veteran's Administration to allow her to help with their most difficult cases.  Someone else will now have to take up the task.


Also, EFT is just right for allowing basketball free throw shooters to make their shots at the end of a close game.  You need to demonstrate with a team willing to accept the help and who needs it.  This team has to have closely matched opponents, and you have to work with players who will be on the floor at the end of a close game.  Your promise will be that they make their free throws, at the end of the game, at the same percentage with which they make them in practice.  Three of Mary's four college degrees are from the near-by University of Arizona.  This season, they are doing well enough so as to not need the help.

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