Dealing with stress and emotional damages is a natural part of life for all of us.  Some have developed strong coping mechanisms against these stressors, while others have suffered traumatic emotional experiences such that dealing with it requires assistance.  These stressors create emotional and psychological blocks which prevent us from meeting our individual goals. That is where EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, comes in.

 With EFT, there is no need for medication or long-term therapy sessions; EFT works quickly and permanently.

 My name is Mary Stafford.  As a master of Emotional Freedom Techniques, I offer both EFT counseling and EFT trainings.  It is my goal to bring this knowledge to each of you so you may share it with the world.


 Locally, I serve the Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, areas.  EFT may also be administered over the phone, thus, you do not have to be local to experience the benefits of these techniques.

 If you are interested in freeing your mind and body, please contact me.

November, 2012

THE RESEARCH, which demonstrates the effectiveness of EFT for treating PTSD, is being repeated.

Most of our research subjects, to date, have been Vietnam Era Veterans.  While the results have been positive, to be complete, we need younger volunteers.

You will receive six (6) free therapy sessions over a three (3) month period and be tested, for PTSD, before and after.

The published results will help convince the Veteran's Administration:  THIS IS THE WAY TO GO!

Download a brochure about this VETERANS' STRESS PROJECT, in .PDF format, HERE.

Additional research information is at: .

Link to new site promoting a video on DVD -- "Operation:  Emotional Freedom".  Click HERE or on image, below.


Un-limit yourself!

USE eft!

Be free from:  stress, trauma, addictive urges (stop smoking, and eliminate compulsive overeating), anxiety and phobia, grief, depression, chronic anger, and insomnia. There is even a way to reduce your golf score or help with tennis or free throw shooting, etc!

Benefit from the Power Therapy of the Twenty-first Century!

Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM (EFT)

This new mind/body, self healing, energy system based therapy allows individuals to remove cognitive and emotional blocks to well-being quickly and permanently.  There is no need for medication or long term therapy.

Individual sessions and group trainings are available.  One-day trainings for professionals (with CEU's) enable them to effectively use EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES with their clients.

Contact:  Mary E. Stafford, M.Ed., L.P.C., EFT Master, Diplomat - Comprehensive Energy Psychology, (520) 575-1497, .

Mary is experienced at using EFT, over the phone, to help people.  You need not be local to benefit from EFT!

Oh! And Mary has a new book out:  Freedom at Your Fingertips.  Click on the image of the book, below.

Get this new EFT book! 

YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING!  Now, there is a movie, on DVD, available for purchase.  "The Tapping Solution"


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