January, 2018

NOTICE.  (Not much has happened in the last year.)

Mary E. Stafford, Licensed Professional Counselor,

has retired from her counseling business,

MindBody Therapies.


Her professional and business licenses have expired.  The technique she once developed and used, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), continues to be valuable.  The hope, now, is the technique will be used to help our country's war veterans with emotional issues.

As her Webmaster, I will maintain this site for my own use.  The URL:  mindbodytherapy.com may be more valuable to you than it is to me.  Also, you will notice I have an Early Model Ford Bronco for sale.  If you buy it, (or find a buyer), I will 'throw in' the URL.

Marvin Stafford     mgstafford@comcast.net

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